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Recovery Period After Tip Rhinoplasty ( Mini Rhinoplasty)

Tip Rhinoplasty is an operation performed to fix the problems of nose tip of patients who don’t have arched noses. Problems such as assymetry on the nose tip, retrousse nose or droopy nose could easily be fixed through Tip Rhinoplasty.

During the operation, soft tissue or cartilage transplant could be performed like the standard Rhinoplasty, if it’s necessary. Since it takes shorter time than standart Rhinoplasty, the patient could go home right after the operation. However, the recovery period is important like all other operations.

Edema is normal after Tip Rhinoplasty. It may reach its maximum level after two days and then starts to go away. The patient should lie on the back upright supported with two pillows without any pressure on the nose for a faster recovery period. However, patience is very important for recovery like after standard Rhinoplasty. Although it’s a simple operation, expecting immediate recovery is not realistic.

After 2 – 3 weeks, the changes on the tip would be visible but a little swelling is normal. The final shape would come up after a year. During this period, it’s important to protect the nose against impacts. Sunlight may also be harmful. Therefore, the patient should avoid from very hot weather, use sun cream and wear hat. Swimming and sauna are prohibited in the first month of recovery period.