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Are You A Good Candidate For Tip Rhinoplasty?

There are several methods for Nose Job ( Rhinoplasty). One of them is Tip Rhinoplasty. Tip Rhinoplasty which is also called ‘Mini Rhinoplasty’, is a more minimal procedure than Rhinoplasty. This procedure is very suitable for patients who don’t have arched noses. During Tip Rhinoplasty, the nose is operated without breaking bones. If the patient’s nose is arched, Rhinoplasty is more suitable.

Patients who are suitable for Tip Rhinoplasty don’t have arched noses but have shape problems on the middle or lower parts of their noses. Tip Rhinoplasty is applied to patients whose nose tips are assymmetrical, who have wide nose tips and whose nose tip cartilages are seperate from each other.

How Is Tip Rhinoplasty Done?

Tip Rhinoplasty is done like standart Rhinoplasty. Open Rhinoplasty tecnique is used without breaking bones. During the surgery, nose tip cartilages are sculpted, nose wings are shrinked and the angle between nose tip and upper lip is changed. The applied technique is determined according to the complaints of the patient. If the paitent has breathing problems, they can be fixed during the operation.

The surgery lasts 45 minutes under general anesthesia. Since it’s a simple operation, the patient could go home right after the operation. Plaster splints are used in the first five days. Healing process could be seen in a month and complete healing occurs after a year.

Tip Rhinoplasty is an easily preferred technique because it’s more simple than Rhinoplasty.